Reopening Survey Results

During the first week of May 2020, we released a survey to 900 of our patrons and received 393 responses. Our goal was to get an idea of where everyone is in their expectations of bars, restaurants and breweries beginning to reopen, and use their feedback to help us prepare for serving members of our community down the road. Here are the results:


What do taproom visitors expect to happen once bars, restaurants, and breweries begin to reopen?


QUESTION #1: When do you expect your next visit to a taproom to drink onsite will be?
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 1
It appears the majority of participants do not expect to visit bars, breweries, or restaurants anytime during this month, but are hopeful about establishments reopening in June and July. 


QUESTION #2: In the first month after breweries, bars, and restaurants begin to reopen, how often do you expect to visit?
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 2

Once establishments begin to reopen, it appears that the majority of participants are split equally between resuming their usual visitation habits or visiting less frequently than before. Based on the additional feedback from participants, it appears those that answered that they would visit "Less frequently than before" don't expect to feel comfortable resuming regular outings for several months and/or until a major shift in the pandemic occurs. 


QUESTION #3: When we reopen, we may need to implement a call-ahead reservation system to safely regulate the capacity of the Pub. How likely are you to use this service?
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 3


QUESTION #4: To serve as many community members as possible with a reduced seating capacity, we may need to limit seatings to 1 hour. Do you feel that is...
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 4


QUESTION #5: How important is each of the following in determining whether it is safe enough to begin frequenting breweries, bars, and restaurants?
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 5
Interestingly, the majority of participants ranked the opinion and direction of the CDC/WHO and their state government and their own research over that of the federal government. Many people also felt that the reopening of establishments they trust was a relevant indicator of when it will be safe to frequent bars, breweries, and restaurants. 


QUESTION #6: Please rank these in order of importance, as you see fit:
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 6
Regular sanitizing of surfaces and appropriately distanced seating was deemed the most important safety measures that bars, breweries, and restaurants can take upon reopening among the majority of participants. 


QUESTION #7: If available, you frequently would you use a brewery's delivery and/or takeout service once breweries, bars, and restaurants reopen?
Everybody's Brewing Reopening Survey Question 7
Based on additional feedback, those that responded that they would use a brewery's takeout and/or delivery service "Often" were among the same participants that are not planning to visit bars, restaurants, or breweries on-premise until later summer months and plan to visit these locations less frequently upon reopening. 
Thank you to everyone that participated! Your feedback has been an incredibly valuable tool during a time of so much uncertainty.