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Our team is the foundation of our success and the heart of our business.

Everybody's Brewing Team Party 2021


Join us at one of the Gorge's most popular restaurants, now celebrating 15 years of providing our community with delicious food and innovative beers!


Everybody's Brewing is hiring experienced line cooks! Both full and part-time positions are available.

Everybody's is known for supporting our kitchen crew with better wages and benefits than many restaurants provide. In addition to a competitive wage based on previous work experience, line cooks participate in a shared tip pool (tip percentage increases as you hit performance benchmarks). Job benefits include:

* Paid sick leave

* Enrollment in a Simple IRA retirement plan after six months of employment

* Food, beverage, and merchandise discounts

* Full-time line cooks are eligible for health insurance and paid vacation accrual

 Job duties include:

  • Prepares a variety of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, and other food items for cooking in broilers, ovens, grills, fryers, and a variety of kitchen equipment.
  • Assumes 100% responsibility for quality of products served.
  • Knows and complies with our standard portion sizes, cooking methods, quality standards and kitchen rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Stocks and maintains sufficient levels of food products at line stations to assure a smooth service period.
  • Portion food products prior to cooking per standard portion sizes and recipe specifications.
  • Maintains a clean and sanitary workstation including tables, shelves, grills, fryers, convection oven, flat top range, and refrigeration equipment.
  • Prepares items for grilling, frying, sautéing or other cooking methods
  • Follows proper plate presentation and garnish set up for all dishes.
  • Handles stores and rotates all products properly.
  • Assists in food prep assignments during slow periods as needed.
  • Closes the kitchen properly and follows the closing checklist for kitchen stations.
  • Maintain a professional attitude.
  • Attends all scheduled employee meetings and brings suggestions for improvement.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the Kitchen Manager or manager-on-duty.

Candidates must have previous experience, preferably in a high-volume restaurant kitchen. Schedule flexibility is key, with availability for day and night shifts on weekdays and weekends (including some holidays). Submit an application using the form below!



Everybody’s Brewing is hiring a part-time experienced Maintenance Technician to perform ongoing facility maintenance, complete repairs on equipment, and maintain safety standards. Submit an application using the form below!

Job duties include:

  • Performing routine maintenance around the building such as window, door, and wall repair.
  • Fixing equipment and machinery.
  • Troubleshooting mechanical and electrical issues.
  • Repairing broken or leaking plumbing.
  • Painting when old paint has become faded or chipped.
  • Applying preventative measures to reduce the risk of future problems.
  • Fixing potential safety hazards to avoid injuries.

Qualified candidates should have:

  • Proven experience as maintenance technician.
  • Basic understanding of electrical, plumbing, and other systems.
  • Knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods.
  • Working knowledge of tools, common appliances, and devices.
  • Manual dexterity and problem-solving skills.

    Compensation and Benefits:

    • $35.00/hour
    • Paid Sick Leave
    • Enrollment in a Simple IRA retirement plan after six months of employment.
    • Food, beverage, and merchandise discounts.