The Brewery

Each and every glass begins as a concept that we pour our hearts into.

Once brewed, we anxiously await the result. Years of experience and knowledge are our only guide. We have to trust that attention to detail, patience, our hard work and an immense amount of care will culminate in the realization of our intent. Each beer is an authentic representation of who we are as brewers. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of, but our passion and eagerness to share the experience we’ve crafted compels us to offer others a glass, then raise them to a prost. 


As craftsman, we hold true to the spirit of the trade and believe in authenticity, respect and the never-ending pursuit of excellence. 

"We take enormous pride in what we do, and we love to share our passion with others. We work hard, laugh a lot, and blend professionalism with spontaneous inspiration. We continuously push the limits of science and creativity and, in the end, we hope to bring joy to our community through shared experience."
- EB's Head Brewer, Adam McClure



For us, it’s about the love of beer, staying small and independent, paying homage to the pioneers of our craft, and never selling out.