Three Sport Day: The Official Beer of The Gorge

Here in The Gorge, we work hard and play even harder. 

The abundance of outdoor recreation that this area offers is by and large the reason so many folks flock here, and we don’t blame ‘em. There’s never a season without action: kayaking and hiking in the spring, kiteboarding and windsurfing in the summer, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and mountain biking and brewery hopping (oh yeah, it’s a sport) in the fall. Sometimes, in one penultimate day, you can fit not one, not two, but THREE of these adrenaline-fueled activities in: this is what’s known as a “Three Sport Day”, and it’s one of the greatest accomplishments a Gorge resident can achieve.

Everybody's Brewing Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner

Such days are epic; extraordinary, really. Those capable of achieving a Three Sport Day acquire an unparalleled sense of pride, and most importantly, a reason to celebrate. For just this occasion, that celebratory moment when you know you’ve earned a cold one, comes Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner – a beer we’ve crafted not just for the elite athlete, but EVERYBODY.

Everybody's Brewing Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner

Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner is crisp and revitalizing, just what you crave after a day full of adventure. With a subtle floral aroma, delicate flavor, and slight bitter finish, it hits all the expected notes of a fine, traditionally-brewed, German-style Pilsner.

Everybody's Brewing Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner

 "We live in such an incredibly unique area; an adult playground, if you will. And you don't have to be an extreme athlete to love and appreciate it." Owner Doug Ellenberger says, "My ideal three sport day consists of golf, gardening, and a swim. That's what inspired this beer; we wanted to create something sessionable, crisp, and refreshing for those days when you've taken completed yet another day in the Gorge life, whether it's biking, kiting, skiing, or just finishing that daily grind."

Everybody's Brewing Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner

For some, a three sport day begins with slashing turns through fresh powder up on Mt. Hood, followed by a face-melting mountain bike ride through Post Canyon, and ends with a white-knuckled paddle down the river.

For others, a three sport day means you’ve managed to spend a few minutes on the treadmill, put in a full day's work, and get two kids to four different places.

For all of us, it just means we’ve successfully juggled all of life’s curveballs, whether they were extreme or routine, and crushed it. Our Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner embodies the essence of accomplishment, specifically YOUR accomplishments. So raise a glass and celebrate your achievement, no matter what that may be, because…

Everybody's Brewing Three Sport Day Lifestyle Pilsner

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