Petrichor Helles Lager is Back!

Petrichor Helles Lager is Back!

Everybody's Brewing Petrichor Helles Lager

Like most us, you may have blocked out a good chunk of 2020, so we won't be offended if you don't remember the original release of Petrichor Helles Lager back in July (or as we like to call it: the fourth month of March). But it is a damn fine beer that deserves not only to sit in the forefront of your beer brain bank, but to have its very own blog post. Join us as we sit down with Dave McGinley, Everybody's new Head Brewer, to explore the this nature-inspired lager.

Profile of Petrichor Helles Lager

Specs: 5.2% ABV  |  20BU

Hops: Tettnanger, Hallertau Mittlefru

Malt: Weyermann Pilsner malt

Yeast: Imperial L-17

Everybody's Brewing Petrichor Helles Lager

Q: Petrichor debuted in Summer 2020, and proved immensely popular for its light, crisp, and dry character. What inspired this beer, and why did you opt for a Spring release in 2021?

Dave: I wanted to recreate a famous German lager that I practically lived off of while studying in Germany. This easy-drinking lager showcases great pilsner malt, low bitterness, and a dry, crisp finish to be a thirst quencher for warmer weather to come. Helles means “light” or “bright”, and this beer is exactly that. A spring release works well with the name, as this is often a rainy time of year, and the beer reminds customers of the pleasant aroma given off during rainfall.

From a practical perspective, our sales begin to pick up in the spring, and our distributors are open to buying new and/or seasonal brands. Our tap board in the pub also needs some new additions, coming off of the slower winter season. 

Q: You’ve made Petrichor before, so you’re familiar with the process. Is it a simpler process the second time around?

All of our beers are brewed the same way, using a single-infusion mash. Lagers differ from ales in that they are fermented colder and are stored cold for a longer period, conditioning and making them smoother and easier to drink. Lagers are more difficult in general, because you can’t hide any flaws behind strong ingredients. All the subtleties come through - good or bad. For example, you could possibly hide an off flavor in a hoppy beer by adding a ton of hops and covering it up. This is not possible with lagers. Extra care in every step ensures this beer will turn out properly.

Q: What hops and malts make up the mash bill for Petrichor? Did you alter the recipe for the 2021 batch?

The recipe did not change from last year – we liked it a lot, and it was a hit with customers, so we wanted to keep the same recipe. Petrichor is made from a blend of German and Canadian pilsner malts, and we used a pair of famous German noble hop varieties – Tettnanger and Hallertau Mittlefru, along with Imperial L-17 yeast from Augustiner Brewery in Munich.

Q: Can you make a recommendation for pairing this beer with a particular food or activity?

This beer pairs well with spicy dishes, seafood, schnitzel, or anything bread-related because of the slight maltiness of the beer.

Everybody's Brewing Petrichor Helles Lager

4-Packs available at our pub in White Salmon, or at your local bottle shop or Trader Joe's throughout Oregon and Washington!

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Any chance of seeing the Petrichor again? Delicious!! 😋

Mitch martin

Do you have Helles Lager currently in stock??

terry king

I see that New Seasons’ had this beer in the cooler last week. This explains why they do. I ventured up to your brewery a few weeks ago and took advantage of you special case pricing. This is one of my favorites! I am finding it difficult to find your 12oz LAGER (green & white can) in local stores in Vancouver and or Stevenson WA. I enjoy several of your “flavors”!! Terry. Hi Christine….

Terry King

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