Everybody's Brewing Indoor Survival Hazy IPA

Meet your new Zoom call companion: Indoor Survival Hazy IPA

Everybody's Brewing Indoor Survival Hazy IPA

Daily rainbows spanning the river and pika peeping out of their rocky burrows can only mean one thing – Spring is very much on the way, and with it, exciting new beer releases! We sat down with Adam McClure, the brewmaster behind Indoor Survival, for the inside scoop on our newest Hazy IPA. 

Profile of Indoor Survival Hazy IPA

Specs: 6.5% ABV  |  35BU

Hops: El Dorado, Motueka, Mosaic

Malt: Mecca Grade Estate’s Alvarado red spring wheat and Skagit Valley Malting’s buckwheat

Yeast: Imperial Yeast's Kviek

Everybody's Brewing Indoor Survival Hazy IPA

Q: Given the events of the past year, “Indoor Survival” is an incredibly apt name for a beer. What was the inspiration for creating this new brew?

Adam: The inspiration for this beer concept came from months of isolation, a lot of “beer tasting,” and time to imagine new mashups of ideas that I had for other beers and styles. Indoor Survival is really an opportunity to try out some of these ideas, while working within a Hazy IPA format.

 We selected Indoor Survival for a spring release because it has been a long, dark winter, and collectively we’ve been asked to endure some indoor survival for several months. We’re coming out of hibernation, in search of new flavors, aromas, and possibilities. Hopefully, Indoor Survival will be a discovery for weary beer drinkers everywhere!   

Q: West Coast IPAs still dominate the market, but the Hazy IPA style has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. Do you think that the Hazy IPA style will continue to grow, and possibly eclipse West Coast IPAs in popularity?

I think the contention between the two IPA “styles” has been over-hyped. Hazy IPAs are a fun, playful, and technically interesting addition to what we think of as an “IPA.” As a percentage of market share, Hazy IPAs will certainly have their place, now and for years to come. However, for brewers, I don’t think the popularity of one style will be to the exclusion of another. So far, there is plenty of taste for both styles, and plenty of occasions where each can be enjoyed.   

What hops and malts were used? Are any of the ingredients produced locally? Why did you choose these ingredients?

 IPAs are all about expressing hop aromas and flavors. However, Hazy IPAs are just as much about the interplay of malts and unique yeast profiles, as they are about the hops that are used (I think this point is often missed). When building a Hazy IPA, I think about the malts first, and how their proteins will affect the delivery of hop aroma and flavor. For Indoor Survival, we’re using 2-row barley, and a blend of Mecca Grade Estate Malt’s new red spring wheat “Alvarado” (Madras, OR) and Skagit Valley Malting’s buckwheat (Burlington, WA). Each provide their own levels of protein and interesting flavor profiles. The yeast we selected provides a lot of tropical fruit esters that matches perfectly with our hop blend, which includes El Dorado, Motueka, and Mosaic.  

I think this style is evolving, even to your average beer drinker. It’s not just about the hop craze anymore. People are learning that it’s about “cool” malt combinations and the interplay of malt and hops that sets these beers apart. Mecca Grade and Skagit Valley Malting are two of the hottest maltsters in Washington and Oregon.

Was the brewing process straightforward, or did the recipe require a lot of experimentation?

The brewing process for a Hazy IPA is far from straightforward. Hop aroma and hop flavor can be fickle. Brewers want to extract and preserve as much aroma and flavor as possible, without overdoing it or creating a green, sloppy mess. The approach, methods used, and timing have to be carefully considered for this style.     

Who created the Indoor Survival recipe? What are your thoughts on the final product?

I created the specific recipe, but the concepts and practices are a culmination of years and experience from everyone on the brew team. Indoor Survival is a perfect balance of ingredients and skill. I really think people will enjoy the fruity, fun nature of this beer.  

Can you make a recommendation for pairing this beer with a particular food or activity?

Indoor Survival is a clean, fruity, and refreshing Hazy IPA - it’s not heavy or cloying. I suggest pairing this beer with equally light dishes, or maybe just vanilla ice cream...and of course, it pairs beautifully with that weekly or daily Zoom call we've all begun dreading. 

Everybody's Brewing Indoor Survival Hazy IPA

4-Packs available at our pub in White Salmon, or at your local bottle shop or Trader Joe's throughout Oregon and Washington!

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