Chelsea Gem Oyster Stout: A Pearl of a Collaboration

When most people hear “oyster” used in the name of a beer, it doesn’t make them too thirsty (which is perfectly understandable). However, take a quick read through this post about our collaboration with Chelsea Oyster Farm and I think you’ll find your mouth watering for a taste. We’re also announcing two cool events you won’t want to miss.

We teamed up with Chelsea Oyster Farms on this project and they were amazing to work with. They grow and harvest sustainable oysters on inlets near Olympia, WA. They are famous for growing a variety called the “Chelsea Gem.” The farm uses a unique technique to grow them, which involves using tumbled bags, suspended by buoys in the water. This creates a completely new flavor profile that is clean, sweet, buttery, with a touch of brine.

Chelsea Farms happens to have a kickass logo that we are proud to feature on our tap handle!

So let’s get to the part we know you’re all wondering about…

Are there actually Oysters in the beer?? 

Negative ghost rider, just the shells.

The tradition of using Oyster shells goes way back to England in the early 1900s. Brewers used oyster shells as a fining agent to help with beer clarity. The shells would collect yeast and hop particles and help them sink to the bottom of the tank before packaging. Alternatively, we decided to add them during the boil. The shells contain calcium carbonate, and when released in the boil, adds just a touch of mineral flavor. This helps impart a much creamier body to the beer.

We did however eat (and thoroughly clean - we’re not animals) a ton of oysters to get the shells we needed.

While the shells didn’t impart any fishy flavors, we can say without hesitation that the result is extremely creamy and delicious! It truly has a mouthfeel unlike any other beer we’ve brewed. The chocolate and sweet milk flavors are mind blowing, and really feels like this beer melts in your mouth with each sip. If that description doesn’t make you curious enough to try it for yourself, you might want to check your pulse. Come by our pub in White Salmon this week where you’ll find it on tap and look for it next week at your favorite bar in Oregon or Washington.


Friday, February 15th 4-7pm: You’ll have the opportunity to pair this beer with real oysters on the half shell from Chelsea Farms when they come do a special oyster shuck at our pub in White Salmon, WA. 

Thursday February 21st: We’ll be at Chelsea Gem’s Oyster Bar in Olympia, WA for another fun night of oyster and stout pairing. 

We’ll sea you there!

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