Cashmere Activewear: A Collaboration With Gorges Beer Company

Cashmere Activewear: A Collaboration With Gorges Beer Company

The brewing industry thrives on collaboration; sharing knowledge and techniques leads to innovative concoctions that may become the next booming beer style! After a year in which cooperative projects were challenging, the Everybody’s Brewing team is eager to partner with the many outstanding breweries in our region. Our newest collaboration is with Gorges Beer Company (Portland, OR), a newcomer to the Gorge brewing scene. Cashmere Activewear is a single-hop pilsner that is ideal for staving off the already wicked summer heat!

Cashmere Activewear Single-Hop Pilsner:

  • Description: Brewed with our friends at Gorges Brewing (Cascade Locks, OR), this light, dry pilsner has a big addition of Cashmere hops. Their lemon-citrus flavor adds the perfect complexity to a clean refresher.
  • Specs: 4.8% ABV | 30BU
  • Hops: Cashmere
  • Brewers: Dave McGinley (Head Brewer, EBC) and Bryan Keilty (Head Brewer, Gorges Beer Company)

Q: What was the impetus for this collaboration? Have Everybody’s Brewing and Gorges Beer Co. partnered previously? 

Bryan: This is our first collaboration. In March 2020, Gorges developed a list of breweries with whom we wanted to work. We started with Portland breweries, due to their proximity to our location in Southeast Portland. Our location in Cascade Locks is opening in June 2021, so it seemed like a great time to look at some Gorge partnerships.

Dave: Our breweries have some mutual friends, so it seemed like a natural fit.

Q: How did you design the recipe and choose the name for this beer?

Dave: Given the timing, we had to focus on a crisp, refreshing beer that can stand up to the summer heat and will not bog people down. Plus, single-hop pilsners are an emerging beer trend that we’ve been wanting to explore. I wrote the initial recipe, and then Bryan and I developed it together.

Bryan: This is a beer to go along with an active summer lifestyle, and after settling on Cashmere hops, the beer nearly named itself.

Q: Why do a collaboration brew? Is it enjoyable, or is it just more work?

Bryan: *laughing* – It depends on who you partner with! Seriously, seeing other breweries is awesome, directly experiencing what others do and why they do it. 

Dave: It’s about sharing knowledge and learning techniques that can change your processes. It’s also helpful to make contacts in the industry. Maybe you are low on an ingredient, for example, and need to call in a favor. 

Bryan: For smaller or newer breweries, there can be marketing benefits by attaching to a “known” brewery.

Dave: The best part is that we get to make beers that we might not normally make, since the cost and risk is shared. We’ve definitely made some collaboration beers that never would have been possible otherwise.

    Q: What makes for a successful collaboration? Are there inherent challenges? Do you have any advice for brewers considering a collaboration?

    Dave: Keep an open mind; don’t limit yourself when developing a concept. The time of year will dictate what styles are feasible – you have to be able to sell the product. Summer can be a really difficult time. 

    Bryan: Do as much advance planning as possible, and have preliminary meetings before jumping into the brewing process. Make sure that all partners show up, so that it’s truly collaborative and one brewery is not shouldering the entire burden.

    Q: What would be your dream collaboration?

    Bryan: Definitely with a brewery located somewhere tropical!

    Dave: I would love to catch up with friends from brewing school and see what they’re creating.

    Q: What makes the Columbia River Gorge an attractive place to brew?

    Dave: We’re close to raw materials, like quality water sources and the Yakima hop purveyors. That keeps the hops from sitting too long and getting overheated. 

    Bryan: The huge number of hiking trails and other outdoor activities draw plenty of beer drinkers, and make for a fun place to both live and work.

    Dave and Bryan recommend pairing the citrus notes of Cashmere Activewear with seafood, pasta, or falafel. The beer is only available at the Everybody’s Brewing pub and the new Gorges Cascade Locks location (open now). 

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